When your life is disrupted by a big life event — a job change, a baby, a relative’s illness — how do you maintain your focus and well-being? Add some stability to an unstable time by making sure you have habits that align with your long-term goals. Think about the five to 10 things you need to do every week to keep your life on track, and write a list of them. Many critical habits fall into one of four areas: personal reflection, professional reflection, relationships, and health (both physical and mental). You should also think about how you’ll create accountability for yourself. Will you post the list where you’ll see it often? Use an app to set reminders? Check in with a friend each week? Creating and reinforcing habits this way can assure you that you’re doing what you need to — no matter how many things you’re juggling.

Adapted from “When Life Gets Busy, Focus on a Few Key Habits,” by Jackie Coleman and John Coleman

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