The nonprofit sector is ever changing, ever challenged.  Learn from our experts, full of passion, who have traveled a path you can learn from.  From failure to success, overcoming great odds and changing the world, American Nonprofit Academy instructors are leading the way in the dynamic nonprofit sector.  Meet them and gain from their wisdom.


A Partner at Lewis, Roca, Rothgerber, Christie, Laura Lo Bianco advises private foundations, public charities, schools, support organizations and other entities that are tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code. She also guides clients through mergers and acquisitions; the purchase, sale and lease of real property; and with the negotiation of contracts.

Laura also works with nonprofits on issues of compliance and long term strategy.  Learn more about Laura here


As a Human Resource (HR) professional with over 15 years of experience, Skye is passionate about helping employers create positive, productive work environments. She works with employers all over the United States, providing “on-call” and project-based HR expertise.

Skye has worked in all facets of HR for various non-profits, for-profits and public sector employers in multiple states, including US Airways, Goodwill Industries, YWCA, and Netflix. She has led HR teams and managed high-volume HR services for work groups as large as 3,000 employees.  Learn more about Skye here


Dr. Jeff McGee is an expert in using an asset-based model to understand cross-cultural competencies. His goal is to not only inform but to use a practical approach of learning to break down barriers. He has studied and witnessed these barriers within collaborative efforts between diverse groups where issues of trust, decision-making, and roles are misunderstood. Dr. McGee has many years of experience as an educator, coach, trainer, and supporter.

His continued work and research seek to dismantle diversity and cross-cultural misunderstandings through education, practice, and policy.  His company Cross Cultural Dynamics trains organizations throughout the nation.    Learn more about Jeff here


Is a graduate of Lorain County Community College and Bowling Green State University, Brian is Aespire President and Design Director with over 30 years of experience in marketing, design, custom font, type design and interactive media.  He is also the author of Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto which helps organizations understand how to create and strengthen their brand.

Brian is also a Founding Partner of My Lasting Legacy, a platform that equips foundations and charitable organizations to engage the community through donor stories so their donations and asset base grows.   Learn more about Brian here


Is a partner with Eide Bailly a national accounting firm.  Brenda provides services to nonprofit organizations, closely-held business and their stakeholders. She represents clients before the Internal Revenue Service. She works with the preparation of individual, business, investment and nonprofit returns and assists with tax planning when moving into new lines of business, starting an enterprise or closing a line of operation or the entire organization.

Brenda is experienced in planning and minimization of unrelated business income tax for nonprofit organizations.    Learn more about Brenda here


Julia is the CEO and Founder of the American Nonprofit Academy.  She has worked with nonprofits for more than 30 years and is passionate about the education and training of nonprofit leadership.  Her Board service has ranged from cultural institutions to social service agencies.  “When nonprofits win,” she often says, “we all win!”  Julia is a particularly interested in Board service, nonprofit professional development and strategic planning.  She is a nationally known speaker and author.  Learn more about Julia here

The Nonprofit Nerd


Also, known as the Nonprofit Nerd, Jarrett has been in the trenches of the nonprofit sector for nearly 20 years.
From start-ups to multi-million dollar charitable organizations, she has created sustainable fundraising strategies. As President and CEO of The Rayvan Group, Jarrett consults with nonprofits to see the future of their organization. Not just their immediate needs, but down the road with stratigic planning.

Jarrett Ransom is also the host of the American Nonprofit Academy’s NPO Talk Show. She brings her dynamic energy and enthusiasm to the weekly show featuring nonprofit thought leaders and topics from around the globe.   Learn more about Jarrett here


A high-energy sales and marketing leader, Jana Carpenter coaches nonprofit leaders.  She brings a unique blend of process, systems, discipline and focus to driving revenue through teams and marketing initiatives.  A leader with the ability to translate corporate objectives into sales results and provide hands-on-coaching in the world of philanthropy makes Jana a strategic partner in donor relations and donor strategies

Jana is also accomplished in training negotiation skills with ability to affect favorable agreements for all parties with extensive analytical and problem solving approaches.  Learn more about Jana here


Beginning her career with the Internal Revenue Service, as a Program Manager and National Director of Quality, Barbara focuses on continuous improvement, fostering better leadership engagement and integrating “the people factor” into decisions.  Since the IRS is the federal agency that manages nonprofit status, Barbara has an interesting perspective.  She is a coach, and works with nonprofits to implement tactics that help them move forward.

Barbara is a visionary strategist and intuitive leader who identifies and diagnoses the culture and change issues that every organization faces.   Learn more about Barbara here


From her commitment to make a difference in the social sector, Dr. Dillard envisioned a collective of experienced, credentialed, dedicated nonprofit leaders and consultants who Collaborate for the Common Good.  She is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Avenir Consulting, leading a team of nonprofit gurus who support organizations from human resources to professional interim leadership services.

Dr. Dillard coaches individuals and teams in Organization Development, Culture Transformation, Strategic and Operational Planning and Talent Strategy implementation.   Learn more about Tiffanie here


In a world of dry HR stereotypes, Tara is a refreshing oasis of humor, professionalism and candor.  She believes work should be both productive and fun, and brings to her work an unbridled enthusiasm for helping nonprofits leverage their most important asset, their staff.  Tara’s  projects have led to increased employee engagement, reduced turnover and the creation of effective evaluations along with professional development plans.

Tara is a part of the Avenir Consulting Partners team and has also led nonprofit organizations during transitions as a PIED or Professional Interim Executive Director.   Learn more about Tara here


As a former Paramedic now working in the nonprofit sector managing communications and marketing Damien knows how to get the word out.  He is also the co-founder of a nonprofit, Arizona Safe Baby Haven Foundation.  The volunteer organization promotes education and awareness on the existence of the safe baby haven law in Arizona and across the United States.  The law states that a person will not face criminal charges for physically handing over an unharmed newborn baby within the first 72 hours after birth with a Safe Haven provider.

Damien uses social media to connect communities to the issues and opportunities facing the nonprofit sector.   Learn more about Damien here


Al Loveland, CEO and Foundter of 21 Days Consulting specializes in capacity building for non-profits, small business and sole entrepreneurs. Organizations cannot thrive without a solid foundation. Al uses tools and techniques blended data with emotion to create superior results with a highly motivated and satisfied workforce.  His programs focus on organizational design, communication, performance management and talent improvement.

Al’s approaches work not only solve the issues of today but develop an infrastructure for sustainable growth without sacrificing emotional and physical health. Learn more about Al here


Jonathan’s career spans over 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial ventures. He is a “best-practice” trained consumer marketer, having worked on such familiar and loved brands as the Pillsbury Doughboy, Breyers ice cream, Dial soap and others.  He has experience leading marketing and sales teams, in global organizations to small start-ups. Jonathan is a sought after leader for his abilities to create strategic vision, galvanize organizational support, and get things done.

As co-founder of Ryan House, one of the first pediatric respite and palliative care centers in the United States, Jonathan is a nationally recognized leader in the nonprofit sector.  Learn more about Jonathan here

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