Volunteers who work with multiple organizations tend to give more. Results of a new study show that the more organizations a volunteer works with, the more time they’ll give each time they volunteer. Nearly one in five (18 percent) of those involved with four or more volunteer programs give more than five hours each time they volunteer, while only about one in 10 (12 percent) of those who work with three or fewer organizations will donate that much of their time per volunteering opportunity.

Additionally, nearly half (49 percent) of volunteers who give more than five hours each time they volunteer say they are “much more willing” to make a financial contribution to the organization they volunteer with — significantly more than those who regularly volunteer for one to five hours.

Those are some of the results of the new report “The Volunteer Perspective – Industry Insights 2019,” from Verified Volunteers and VolunteerMatch.

    Key takeaways from the 2019 report include:

  • 83 percent of survey respondents volunteer to contribute to a cause they care about, 66 percent to improve their community, and 63% to spend time doing something they are interested in;
  • 78 percent of survey respondents say that understanding their impact keeps them engaged;
  • 75 percent of survey respondents said that they volunteer at more than one organization;
  • 58 percent of survey respondents who said they are very familiar with background checks also said that background checks strongly affect how they feel about volunteering in a positive way; and,
  • More than 68 percent of survey respondents are interested in a digital credential that would prove who they are and one they could use to check into and out of an organization, track their hours, and record their training.

Verified Volunteers surveyed more than 7,000 VolunteerMatch participants from across the country to gain valuable insight into volunteers’ needs, motivations and preferences to help organizations build stronger volunteer programs.

See the complete report here: https://www.verifiedvolunteers.com/

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