A diverse, multigenerational movement is critical to realizing a more nourishing, regenerative, and equitable food future. Despite often being shut out of conventional positions of power or decision-making seats, younger generations are pushing the world towards progress that serves both people and planet.

From prominent global activists like Isra Hirsa, Greta Thunberg, Xiye Bastida, and Licypriya Kangujam, to millennial and gen-Z Thought for Food® innovators, the next generations of food leaders from across the world are already creating and leading change. It is past time their power be reflected in the makeup and leadership of food systems.

But what can the inclusion of youth look like when it comes to food systems? Here are a few videos spotlighting calls to action from young food leaders, and responses from food innovators around the world:

Fighting Food Waste: Albert Kure, a young food activist from Nigeria is fighting global food waste as a means to reduce both food insecurity and the impact of food waste on climate change. Halfway across the world in the Philippines, Dr. Mudjekeewis D. Santos is working to address the same issue, striving to transform Manila’s dysfunctional urban food system to be cleaner and greener.

Zeroing in on Hunger: Vijay Dialsingh is building a digital ecosystem to solve food insecurity in Trinidad and Tobago. Both he and German youth activist Janina Peter are determined to reach zero hunger worldwide in their lifetime.

Making Food Fair: Not all food is created – or accessed – equally, a reality that Brazilian youth food activist Ellen Rodrigues dos Santos is striving to change. Jehane Akiki, a food visionary in Lebanon reflects Santos’ passion in her own work bringing refugee and Lebanese communities together to build a regenerative and sustainable food forest farm school.

Combatting Diet-Related Disease: Matthew Barry and the National Western Center have a vision for resilient, nourishing urban food systems to fight America’s obesity epidemic, an initiative that echoes Swiss activist Victor Koetter’s call to keep nutrition front of mind as diet-related diseases rise rapidly across the globe.

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