Perhaps best known for co-founding City Year Los Angeles over a decade ago, Andrew Hauptman and Ellen Bronfman Hauptman are active philanthropists in the Los Angeles area. Ellen is the daughter of billionaire Charles Bronfman, the co-founder of Birthright Israel, while Andrew Hauptman is a former Universal Studios executive, Andell Inc. co-founder with his wife and former owner of a Major League soccer team. They created their family foundation in 2006, as well as the Charles Bronfman Prize, an annual award to leaders who impact the world using Jewish values.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Hauptman foundation’s giving to get a sense of how it supports local nonprofits close to home.

The Foundation Maintains a Low Profile

Unfortunately for Los Angeles-area grantseekers, the Hauptman Family Foundation does not have a website and is not publicly transparent. Most of the information available about the couple and foundation is gained through tax records and personal interviews with Jewish news sources.

Jewish Causes are Big Priorities

Andrew Hauptman and Ellen Bronfman Hauptman are major Jewish funders in the Los Angeles area, and the couple’s giving often has religious leanings. Both Hauptmans were raised in the Jewish faith and have strong Jewish family traditions. The couple met at Yale University after bonding over their shared interests in community service and volunteerism; currently, they belong to Sinai Temple in Los Angeles.  Past grantees include the American Friends of Anne Frank House, American Friends of the Israel Museum and American Jewish World Service.

Giving Often Extends to Underprivileged Children

However, not all of the Hauptman Family Foundation’s giving is centered on Jewish causes. The couple has volunteered with inner-city public elementary schools and juvenile detention centers, indicating that the needs of children and youth are also top priorities. They have been particularly interested in high school dropout rates and on uniting youth from diverse backgrounds. Giving in this area includes grants to the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools and Baby2Baby. Most Hauptman grants are for general support and run anywhere from $1,000 to $1 million.

Unsolicited Applications are Unwelcome

According to recent tax records, the Hauptman Family Foundation only awards grants to pre-selected organizations and does not welcome unsolicited funding requests. This is certainly not the most accessible local foundation, but it still an important one to know because the couple is still young (in their early 50s) and could very well commit more efforts to philanthropy in the years ahead.

To learn how to contact this foundation with general questions or get familiar with other grantmakers that make Southern California a top priority, check out IP’s L.A. and SoCal Funding Guide.

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