When you’re managing a remote team in a crisis, it’s understandable if you’re largely focused on tasks and goals. But it’s just as critical for managers to focus on sustaining a healthy team culture. Right now, team members need to feel connected — not only to the company’s mission, but also to each other. To foster the right culture, regularly set aside time for team members to highlight and share wins in virtual meetings. Look for ways to tie these bright spots to the company’s vision, mission, or values, perhaps through a Slack channel or a weekly email. You might also consider prioritizing team-building activities, like virtual social hours, meditation groups, art clubs, musical performances, or fitness challenges. Not all of these options will be for everyone, but offering them can help improve team dynamics. Even something as simple as asking people to share a video, meme, or a photo at the start of a meeting can foster camaraderie and a much-needed laugh. Taking these steps won’t only inject some positivity into your team — it’ll make you more productive, too.

This tip is adapted from “5 Questions That (Newly) Virtual Leaders Should Ask Themselves,” by Melissa Raffoni

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