Authored by Moustafa Elshaabiny, Senior Software Engineer, and Stephen Rockwell, Chief Ratings Technology Officer at Charity Navigator, who leads the team of charity analysts, program specialists, and development engineers that launched the new Encompass rating methodology and criteria.


The Encompass Rating System reached an important milestone last month, transitioning out of beta and into its own as an evaluation system of nonprofit organizations. Over the last 18 months developing Encompass, the Charity Navigator team heard from thousands of donors who made it clear that they want to make a difference with their contributions. Encompass helps donors assess the impact and community benefits that an organization provides, and the likelihood that the organization will sustain impact into the future. Encompass will evolve and mature over time via three release cycles each year. Our plan is to share a “by the numbers” post after each release, so that interested parties can see how the number of ratings within the overall system and each beacon are scaling. We may also explore other points of interest in the aggregate.


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