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Photo: SevenMaps/shutterstock

With a population of just over 7,000 people, Hartsville, South Carolina is a small community known for its family-friendly vibe, arts community and local parks. Towns of this size rarely capture the sole attention of a philanthropist, but Hartsville is fortunate to be pretty much the sole beneficiary of the Byerly Foundation.

Here are four things that grantseekers should know about the hyper-local Byerly Foundation and its commitment to Hartsville, South Carolina.

1. There Are Three Categories for Grantmaking

The overarching goal of the Byerly Foundation is to make Hartsville, South Carolina a better place to live. To accomplish this goal, it breaks down its funding into three grant categories. Education grants have recently gone towards college athletic programs, middle school leadership programs and early education programs to prepare young children for kindergarten. Economic development grants aim to strengthen neighborhoods, provide start-up money for incubators and launch entrepreneurial pilot programs. The third giving category encompasses social needs and has included grants for everything from laptops for police cars to creating a playground for disabled children and funding home repairs through Habitat for Humanity. 

2. Grant Amounts Vary Considerably

Since the foundation was established in 1995, Byerly has committed over $17.3 million in grants to the Hartsville community. However, grant amounts vary widely from one recipient to the next each year. The Byerly Foundation is no stranger to grants topping $1 million, such as the $1.5 million grants to both Coker College Athletics and the Foxy Leader Program. But more frequently, this funder keeps its grants within the $10,000 to $100,000 range.

3. The Foundation Staff is Approachable

Richard Puffer has been the executive director of the Byerly Foundation since 2000 and is the main point of contact for local grantseekers. He can be reached at the foundation office or even on his mobile number to discuss a grant idea before diving into the grant-writing process. This is not a requirement for grantseekers, but it’s a good idea to save time and make an initial introduction.

4. Byerly Accepts Requests by Email and Mail

Hartsville organizations will also be pleased to know that Byerly is an accessible foundation that accepts grant requests by email and sent through the mail. Applications can even be dropped off in person at the foundation office. In the past, the application deadline has been in June, and there has been just one deadline per year. Byerly typically makes its funding announcements in September or October.

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