Managers know how important it is to give time and attention to new employees — but few do the same for employees who announce they’re leaving. Don’t write off a departing employee or get angry about their decision; use the departure as a learning experience. Schedule some time to sit down with the person, and ask about their plans as well as about why they’re leaving. Their answers may reveal workplace issues you weren’t aware of, which could help you retain other employees. You should also talk to them about how they contributed to your team. Highlight specific examples of good work and any talents they have that you find particularly valuable; think of your feedback as a farewell gift. It’s a good idea to maintain positive relationships with departing employees, both because they could be a networking resource later on and because it shows current employees that you value the people on your team.

Adapted from “Your Company Needs a Process for Offboarding Employees Gracefully,” by David Sturt

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