Across the globe, over 20,000 highly experienced and exceptionally productive data scientists, AI engineers, designers, and thinkers make up the DataKind community.

This base of pro bono volunteer experts is the organization’s heartbeat. In leading the Data for Good movement, the nonprofit’s focus on meaningful work has drawn hordes of professionals eager to spend their free time tackling high-impact, high-caliber projects. And without this passionate and dedicated community, the global nonprofit would have just 21 staffers to cover the hundreds of requests it has received since its inception 10 years ago.

Leveraging Data Science and AI
for Social Good

Founded in 2012, DataKind harnesses the power of data science to enable social change and AI in the service of humanity. DataKind is valued as a leading technical partner for many mission-driven organizations ranging from international NGOs to social enterprises to government agencies.

Together, they work to tackle pressing global challenges through data science innovations. DataKind’s staff leads teams of pro bono data scientists to co-create projects with our local partners in the service of underserved, marginalized, and vulnerable communities. Their projects accelerate missions by leveraging data science and transform thousands and thousands of lives through the organizations we serve.

Since 2018, The Rockefeller Foundation has been awarding DataKind grants to support their efforts bridging the gap between those who have data science and AI resources and those who critically need them. These grants supported the expansion of DataKind’s thematic portfolio model by developing interventions that have relevance across a range of contexts.  By doing so, DataKind has been able to deliver insights and de-risk innovations that can drive sector-level change and improve the lives of millions.

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