As businesses begin to reopen, they’re setting new rules around health and safety. But it will take some time for these new rules to feel normal. Leaders can take a few steps to help their teams adapt. First, encourage returning employees to not only follow, but help enforce the rules. Ask them to politely call out any violations of the new safety practices, and to remind the offender of proper protocol — even if it’s the boss. Next, remind your team that the best response to a reminder is a simple “thank you,” followed by compliance. Finally, hold a boot camp where people can practice the new behaviors. This can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as a few hours, depending on your company’s particular policies. Make the moral case for changing behavior by clearly communicating the life-and-death risks of noncompliance. And give people the opportunity to go through the motions, so they can begin to develop these new habits. Establishing new norms is difficult, but clear and committed leadership will help make it happen.

This tip is adapted from “5 Tips for Safely Reopening Your Office,” by Joseph Grenny

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