MIdland, Texas. SG Arts/shutterstock

MIdland, Texas. SG Arts/shutterstock

Chaparral is a word typically used to describe a natural landscape and type of plant vegetation made up of hearty shrubs and small trees. However, it’s also the name of a philanthropic organization led by a prominent lawyer in Texas—an organization that Texas nonprofits will want to learn more about. The Chaparral Foundation is the creation of Tevis Heard, a legal partner and son of an oilman based in Midland, Texas.

Here are a few things to know about Heard’s local giving and how he awards grants through his foundation to nonprofits in Texas.

Texas Communities Supported

Heard and his Chaparral Foundation are based in Midland, Texas, and many foundation grants go to Midland-based organizations. Some of these include Buckner Children and Family Services, Aphasia Center of West Texas and Family Promise.

The Permian Basin region of West Texas is of particular interest to Heard. Tevis Heard is also a trustee emeritus of the Abell-Hanger Foundation, another local funder that is dedicated to improving the lives of people in the Permian Basin. Other Texas communities that have recently received this foundation’s support include Odessa, Austin, Houston and Menard. 

Major Topics of Interest

Since Heard created his own charitable vehicle in 1997, he has primarily focused his efforts on youth, education, health and human services. Education support is largely centered on providing scholarships for Midland County high school students to attend Texas institutions of higher education. With regard to health grants, he has been a big supporter of the Midland Memorial Hospital. Heard occasionally funds large health organizations a bit farther from home as well, such as the Retina Research Foundation in Houston and the Piedmont Healthcare Foundation in Atlanta.

Children’s needs are also big interests of this funder. For example, recent grants have gone to Midland Need to Read and Teen Flow Youth Ministries—both in Midland. Local YMCAs, food banks and housing solutions for survivors have also received recent Chaparral Foundation grants.

Getting Involved with Chaparral

Although the Chaparral Foundation is a low-key funder with a very limited web presence, it is a good one for Texas nonprofits to know because it is accessible to new grantees. According to recent tax records, the foundation accepts unsolicited grant requests without any restrictions or limitations.

Grantseekers should keep May 15 and November 15 in mind as submission deadlines and submit requests on a form approved by the Permian Basin Area Foundation. Grant requests should include proof of IRS tax status, organizational information and the amount of grant money requested. The Chaparral Foundation is available by phone for questions about how to obtain this form and for general inquiries.

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