Based in the chic hamlet of Corona Del Mar, California, among the vintage cottages, the Clem C. Glass Foundation is a quiet grantmaker that pays attention to local causes. Although this foundation has been on the local grantmaking scene since 1998, little is known about its giving strategies and plans for the future.

To help Southern California grantseekers get acquainted, here are a few important things to know about the Glass Foundation’s giving.

Priorities are the Environment and Social Justice

Based upon a review of recent tax records, it is clear that the Glass Foundation cares deeply about the environment at both the local and the national levels. However, Glass tends to stick to large and well-established environmental grantees, such as the Nature Conservancy and the National Parks Conservation Association. It also seems to make social justice a priority, evident through commitments to groups like the ACLU Foundation and Planned Parenthood Los Angeles.

Recently, the foundation has been getting involved in local collaborative efforts, including the OC Opportunity Initiative, which assists Orange County immigrants. Other grants awarded close to home include support for the Wooden Floor and OC Human Relations, both in Santa Ana, and Tree People in Beverly Hills.

The Funder Keeps a Low Profile

Perhaps the biggest obstacle for getting to know the Glass Foundation is the fact that it does not have a website to inform the public about its history, mission, and funding opportunities. What we do know is that Glass grants tend to be a few thousand dollars each and are spread around to Southern California groups as well as to national groups headquartered outside of the region.

The foundation’s trustees are Kenneth Keith and Joanne Keith, who live in Corona Del Mar. Megan Keith of Newport Beach is listed as the director of the Clem C. Glass Foundation on LinkedIn.

Unsolicited Grant Requests are Unwelcome

According to tax records, the Glass Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications and prefers to only fund preselected charitable groups. This makes getting in touch with the foundation particularly challenging for first-time grantseekers, even ones based in the Corona Del Mar area.

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