Acclimating to a new job is never easy, but it can be particularly difficult when you aren’t in the office. If you’re onboarding remotely, you’ll need to be proactive. Try to schedule a lot of brief check-ins with colleagues to mimic the short, informal interactions you’d have in person. Share what you’re working on, but also make sure to ask them about what they do. It’s hard to understand your new office’s culture from home, so pay close attention to their words in order to pick up on workplace style and jargon. Try to identify people who can help you grow in your role and who could even serve as mentors. Ask for help when you need it: In person, people might pick up on a quizzical expression, but that’s harder to see in video or phone meetings. Finally don’t hesitate to introduce yourself as new when you join meetings or digital forums, like Slack. It might feel uncomfortable, but most people want to welcome and help you — they just need a more explicit reminder. Taking these early steps will set you up for success down the road.

This tip is adapted from “Starting a New Job — Remotely,” by Art Markman

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