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The CEO of Eagle Canyon Capital LLC, Sam Hirbod, is best known for his real estate work, but has also been actively involved in philanthropy for several years. He is the founder and CEO of the Hub Foundation, an often locally focused philanthropy that also involves Sayyeda Jafri as executive director, Sara Mostafavi as counsel and a scholarship advisory board. This foundation awards grants and scholarships in the Bay Area and beyond—here are some important details.

Uplifting positive Muslim voices

Hirbod identifies with the Muslim faith and a big focus for the Hub Foundation is uplifting positive Muslim voices and bringing people of all faiths together. Grants go to organizations that are committed to loving their neighbors, serving humanity and seeking knowledge, regardless of religious affiliation. While the foundation does not limit itself to awarding only religious grants, it does tend to take special notice of grant requests that help shape perceptions and policies related to Islam and Muslim people, as well as interfaith collaboration efforts that involve Muslims.

Bay Area basic needs

The Hub Foundation is based in San Ramon, California and focuses much of its giving on the Bay Area. These local grants go toward supporting basic needs in local communities, such as food, housing and education. The foundation awards grants to nonprofits and institutions in the Bay Area that address the needs of underserved individuals and communities. It has an accessible grant process and accepts requests at any time of the year via email. However, the process is selective and only a few applicants actually receive grants from the Hub Foundation.

Islamic studies scholarships

In addition to nonprofit grants, and as part of the foundation’s commitment to education, the Hub Foundation awards up to 15 scholarships each year in the amounts of $2,500, $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000. This scholarship program supports research about harmony and dialogue among civilizations, and inclusive expressions of American Islam. Additional scholarship interests for the foundation include students studying various religious and geographically specific fields, as well as psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, law, public policy, media and journalism.

Talks and roundtable discussions

Beyond monetary awards, the foundation hosts Hub Talks, which are forums for scholars, artists and leaders pursuing ideas related to the foundation’s mission. These events, which seek to amplify the voices of people committed to peace and justice, include live talks, musical performances and roundtable discussions.

Overall, this is an accessible foundation that has a unique approach to philanthropy and pays attention to local needs in the Bay Area. You can find more details about the Hub Foundation in IP’s full profile of the Hub Foundation, which is part of our Bay Area and Northern California funding guide.