Photo: Brent Olson/shutterstock

Photo: Brent Olson/shutterstock

Philanthropic foundations committed to LGBTQ causes often have a national focus and big, broad goals for policy reform and advocacy. Yet some other funders are more regionally specific in their approach to these issues, such as the B.W. Bastian Foundation. This foundation does most of its grantmaking within the Intermountain West region of the U.S., which includes Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

Here is a look at Bastian’s grantmaking and how equality-focused organizations in the Mountain States can secure this Utah-based foundation’s support.  

A Strong Focus on HIV/AIDS Programs

Since Bruce Wayne Bastian created this foundation in 1997, he has maintained a strong interest in HIV and AIDS programs operating in western communities. Aside from his business role as co-founder of the WordPerfect Software Company, Bastian is also known for his LGBTQ activism and his HIV/AIDS-related philanthropy. For example, the foundation has recently supported Centro Hispano for its HIV/AIDS testing efforts in Utah’s Latino community as well as the Northern Utah Coalition, to support the HIV/AIDS organization’s general operating fund.

It’s Not Just About LGBTQ Equality

Although LGBTQ funding is its primary mission, the Bastian Foundation prioritizes the equality of all Americans who face discrimination or disadvantage. Its grants go out to plenty of organizations beyond the LGBTQ sphere.

For example, recent grants have gone towards childhood autism, anti-bullying efforts in sports programs and to provide primary care to the homeless. Other Bastian funds have been set aside to help end animal abuse and support the disaster relief efforts of the American Red Cross.

Unsolicited Requests No Longer Accepted

Mountain region nonprofits should know that the Bastian Foundation no longer accepts unsolicited grant requests and requires all interested grantseekers to inquire by email or phone before submitting anything in writing. This is even true for applicants that have previously received funding from the Bastian Foundation. Michael Marriott, Bastian’s executive director, is the main point of contact to get in touch with.

A few other things to know about the Bastian Foundation are that it avoids multi-year grants and prefers to provide project, capacity building and general operating support over funding for large capital campaigns. Also, Bastian has three opportunities for funding each year, with proposals due on the 15th of March, September and November.  

Learn more about the B.W. Bastian Foundation in our full profile of this funder, as well as other grantmakers that give locally in the Mountain States.  

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