Among the low-key foundations that give quietly in the Southeast is the Judith Atkins Wall Foundation. This foundation does not have a website and flies under the radar. However, it is a good one to get familiar with if you operate in North or South Carolina.

Based on what we know so far about this funder, here is an overview of the Judith Atkins Wall Foundation’s local philanthropy.

Background on the foundation

The Judith Atkins Wall Foundation maintains a low public profile and releases limited information about its giving strategies. It’s been around since 2011 and is a very family-run endeavor.

Judith Atkins Wall was married to Edwin Craig Wall, Jr., a native of Conway, South Carolina who had a successful business career with Canal Industries, New South Inc. and Pelican Companies. The Wall couple had three children, and the family govern the foundation’s giving. The foundation’s directors include Judith Wall Guest (King George, Virginia), E. Craig Wall, III (Columbia, South Carolina) and Benjamin R. Wall, II (Spartanburg, South Carolina).

Three main focus areas

Over the years, three main issue areas have stood out at the Wall Foundation—education, historical preservation and human services. For example, one recent grant went to a local community kitchen that helps the homeless, low-income people, veterans and senior citizens get the nutritious meals they need. Other grants have gone to higher education institutions for various purposes. This funder typically keeps its giving within the states of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Large gifts to affiliated groups

The Wall family has been engaged in philanthropy for many years, steadily supporting many familiar institutions with connections to family members. The Shepherd’s Table soup kitchen and Davidson College are examples of recurring grantees that receive the Wall family’s support. Some grants are small, amounting to only a couple hundred dollars, while others have been as large as $3 million each.

Open to unsolicited requests

Despite the Wall family’s preference for familiar organizations, this is still an accessible funder that accepts unsolicited grant requests. Interested nonprofits can submit a typed statement describing their need for funds to the attention of Karen L. Horton at the foundation. Ms. Horton is also available by phone for grantseeker inquiries. There are no restrictions or limitations on grant awards, although nonprofits should submit their requests several months before they will actually need the funds to allow time for the directors’ review.

More details about the Judith Atkins Wall Foundation can be found in IP’s full profile of this funder in our Southeast funding guide.