Executive coaching can be a big boost to both your performance and job satisfaction. But before you start working with a coach, you need to ask yourself whether you’re ready to do the work. To truly reap the benefits of coaching you must be able to tolerate discomfort and be open to experimentation. You’ll need to proactively embrace new ways of behaving, even if these approaches don’t come naturally to you. You also need to be ready and willing to take responsibility for your shortcomings, rather than blaming your organization, your boss, or your team. Deflecting responsibility will stymie your growth; acknowledging your failures will help pave the way for your development. Finally, it’s essential to ask for support when you need it. You’ll progress faster if you make yourself vulnerable to others, including your boss, peers, and even direct reports. Share goals, ask for advice, listen with curiosity, and most critically, accept and act on the constructive feedback you receive. Making sure you’re ready before engaging with a coach will help you get the most of the relationship.

This tip is adapted from “Are You Ready to Be Coached?,” by Brenda Steinberg