Is there someone on your team who sucks up to you? They’ll do anything to get your approval, from running every detail of a project by you to watching your favorite TV show. If one of your direct reports is overly focused on impressing you, take steps to set some boundaries. Don’t give the employee extra time or attention (even if they ask for it), and hold them to the same standards of performance as everyone else. If they spend too much time checking in and gauging your reactions to their work, guide them to make their own decisions. You should also schedule your one-on-ones and check-ins so that the employee doesn’t monopolize your time; this is particularly important if people in your office often drop in for ad hoc discussions. And assign the person to work with other leaders and teams when possible. This will take the pressure off the dynamic between you and give them chances to collaborate with others.

This tip is adapted from “Managing an Employee Who Wants to Impress You All the Time,” by Liz Kislik

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