“We Are Assembled Here Together”

Sometimes there comes a radical prophet, a woman or a man with a voice that rings with vibrancy and wisdom through the decades, braiding itself into our national dialogue even as years pass and the scenery changes.

Martin Luther King Jr., assassinated just months shy of his 40th birthday, possessed such a voice. Though he’s been gone 53 years this April, his words are quoted in Congress and classrooms, on T-shirts and mugs. As much as he is celebrated as a civil rights icon, though, he isn’t as often remembered for his critically important and passionate call to redistribute wealth—for the health of both the individual and the nation.

This is the rallying cry that may have most alarmed America’s wealthy and powerful, that may have led to his assassination. And that is why what you are reading now is a love letter to the Atlanta native, father of four, who still challenges us today to name what is flawed and identify how to fix it.

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