The one thing I knew when I joined is that The Rockefeller Foundation is a singular convener and collaborator that identifies and accelerates breakthrough solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. That work excites me and inspires me every day and I hope it can do the same for all those who seek to make opportunity universal and sustainable.

For 109 years, The Rockefeller Foundation has ignited bold changes that enable individuals, families, and communities to flourish, from inspiring the field of modern public health to transforming agriculture in ways that feed millions more around the world.

But growing inequity, environmental challenges, and technological changes have required setting an even quicker pace. Whether it’s responding to Covid-19, empowering people with clean energy on a global scale, confronting the rising costs of food and fuel in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, or improving economic stability for working Americans, we need to join forces with experts, partners, and collaborators more than ever.

That is especially true when it comes to the existential threat posed by climate change. To meet the moment, The Foundation is putting climate at the forefront of our programmatic, operational, and investment strategies.   Rajiv Shah, the Foundation’s President put it this way: “Climate change poses a singular threat to humanity, and to The Rockefeller Foundation’s 109-year mission of promoting its well-being throughout the world. To meet our mission today, we must directly confront climate change, even as we redouble efforts in our traditional program areas: health, power, food, and equity.” You can see more of his thinking in The Climate Crisis and Our Work to Make Opportunity Universal and Sustainable,

Environmental, economic, and political change has led to growing inequity, threatening the well-being of humanity.  Technological changes in the 21st century pose promise and peril.  We aim to do what we have done for 109 years and harness the power of partnership, investment, and innovation to improve lives and enable people to achieve their true potential.

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