This succinct podcast is packed full of helpful tips and provides insight from someone who walks the walk as well as talks the talk.

Ravinol explains that to be a successful social entrepreneur he must create excellent work above all else, learn to track the numbers and go all in. Whilst he requires a hero, clarity of purpose and a keen BS sensor to make great films!

During our conversation, Ravinol also reveals details about his newest and most exciting project to date: His first feature-length documentary – Road to Vrindavan. The film explores the challenges girls in India face fulfilling their potential and the importance of engaging men as allies to help make a difference.

If you feel inspired to support the documentary, check out the crowdfunding campaign and help bring the film to the world – To enquire about hosting a private screening, partnership opportunities or anything else, you can contact Ravinol on / 0208 123 1183

Listen to learn more about the film and to hear Ravinol’s advice on running a business with a purpose beyond profit and how to create great films for social impact.

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