We are all dealing with unprecedented — and seemingly endless — uncertainty right now. While you may not have as much clarity as you’d like, you can avoid feeling disoriented by developing your “uncertainty capability” and reframing your outlook on the unknown. Some common reframes include:

  • Learning. Ask yourself what you can learn from the situation rather than automatically viewing it as a setback.
  • Games. Remember that you win some and lose some.
  • Gratitude. Recognize what you already have and are thankful for.
  • Randomness. A lot of life is random. What happens to you isn’t always your doing.

Without a clear end to the pandemic in sight, it’s important that we develop and sustain a healthy relationship with the things we can’t know and can’t control. These shifts in how you think about uncertainty will help you build resilience and a positive outlook.

This tip is adapted from “You’re Not Powerless in the Face of Uncertainty,” by Nathan Furr

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