The rate of daily vaccinations continues to increase throughout the United States, but communities are struggling to vaccinate hard-to-reach residents. When vaccine roll-out began in January, 55% of Americans did not even know where they would receive a vaccine. Today, a lack of access to technology continues to undermine access to vaccine appointments, particularly older residents. Technology seems to be as more of a barrier than a channel for reaching many populations. To succeed, local leaders need to reimagine “technology solutions” as community-driven processes, where local knowledge and needs are prioritized.

During a recent convening of The Rockefeller Foundation’s Pandemic Solution Group, panelist Jessica Cole, Chief Operating Officer at U.S. Digital Response[i] framed technology in this way: “Technology is not always Artificial intelligence or whizbang databases. In this case, technology is making sure that people on the front lines are able to get the delivery right.” Across the nation, community leaders are rising to the challenge and reimagining how technology can facilitate equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines.

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