Chances are that you have employees who fall into the high-risk group for coronavirus and who may be unwilling or unable to return to an office when you reopen. Managers need to develop a specific plan for these employees. Support their ability to continue working from home, if possible. While working remotely isn’t ideal for everyone, the pandemic has shown that it’s doable for many — and it can even be beneficial. Allowing high-risk employees to continue to work remotely has the added benefit of reducing the number of people in the office, making everyone on your team safer. Make sure that any employee who continues to work remotely still feels included. Consider implementing a policy that if one person calls into a meeting, everyone joins by phone, even if it’s from their desks. This will allow your remote employees to feel fully included. The ongoing safety and welfare of all employees — but particularly your most vulnerable — needs to be at the top of every manager’s priority list. This is an unprecedented moment, and you should be prepared to make unprecedented accommodations.

This tip is adapted from “Office Reentry Plans Must Account for Medically Vulnerable Employees,” by Rebecca Zucker

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