“We have a collective responsibility to both create a level playing field and address the historical injustices that leave some on the sidelines.  
Together, we can create a social sector that’s more efficient, effective, and equitable.”  
-Ann Mei Chang, CEO of Candid, SXSW 2022 

The past two years have disrupted almost every aspect of our lives, and the social sector is no exception. Funders are looking for ways to make big public financial commitments to fight racial injustice and want to partner with local BIPOC-led organizations. At the same time, small community-based nonprofits across the country are desperately seeking resources. And yet, for both, there’s little response.  
What happened? How can both funders and nonprofits be motivated to find each other, but fail?  
In this SXSW session, Ann Mei Chang, CEO of Candid, pulls back the curtains on the current philanthropic landscape, shows how data can empower marginalized leaders, and presents a hopeful vision for a more equitable future.  
In the second half of the talk, Meme Styles, founder and president of MEASURE, shares how having a Candid profile and adding to this broader data has improved funding and equity for the small nonprofits she works with in Austin. 

“And so we’re continually hearing those types of stories from our community, and to me, I feel like that’s the evidence that this work is important. That [Candid] profile is important. 
Because it is up to us, those that have the ability to create technology or to provide more access to data, et cetera, to actually do justice with our tools.” 
-Meme Styles, founder and president of MEASURE 

Screenshot from the YouTube video
Watch the full talk now: SXSW 2022: Using Data to Advance Racial Equity featuring Ann Mei Chang and Meme Styles.