A colleague who always thinks they’re right can be extremely frustrating. There are a few ways to keep the relationship productive and professional. The next time you find yourself in a debate with this person, don’t fight back — escalating an argument won’t change their behavior. Instead, let the conversation come to an end, and then meet with your colleague after you’ve had some time to reflect. Explain how their actions make you feel. You might say: “When we’re on different sides of an issue, you assert your views so strongly that I shut down. It would help me to know that you’re hearing my views too, even if we don’t agree.” Managers should consider how company culture may be contributing to the problem. If your culture prizes certainty or is especially competitive, the person’s behavior is probably to be expected. Help the team dynamic by asking everyone to come to discussions with both pros and cons about the topic. That will ensure no one can cling to one point of view.

Adapted from “How to Work with Someone Who Thinks They’re Always Right,” by Ron Carucci

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