With nearly a third of the world’s population lacking steady access to adequate food, it’s no secret that our food systems are failing. As diet-related diseases skyrocket, global temperatures rise, and ecosystem collapse looms closer, the stakes are growing with each passing year. The need to correct course presents one of the biggest challenges of our generation, spanning health, climate, biodiversity, jobs, trade, infrastructure, diet, and human rights.

Luckily, there is an opportunity for action coming — September’s United Nations Food Systems Summit will put the global spotlight on the people and interconnected processes involved in producing, providing, and consuming food for the first time.

UNFSS can be a leap forward in the global journey toward a nutritious, regenerative, and equitable food future but only if we follow through on its promise to be a people’s summit, and a solutions summit. The day after the summit and every day moving forward, we must channel the summit’s energy together into actions that tangibly solve the myriad problems we’re facing today.

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