Photo: Ryan DeBerardinis/shutterstock

Photo: Ryan DeBerardinis/shutterstock

New York City is without doubt the leading center of philanthropy in the United States. And for more than six years, we’ve been researching and writing about the many foundations that are based in the city and fund nonprofits across the five boroughs, as well as in the broader Tri-State region.

Inside Philanthropy has captured this learning in our GrantFinder section. Our guide to New York City and Tri-State Funders covers over 400 funders who regularly give close to home. In this guide, we offer key details and helpful insights about the major New York funders you rely upon, such as the New York Community Trust and the Robin Hood Foundation. We also offer crucial information on low-key local givers you might not yet be familiar with, like the Edward & Ellen Roche Relief Foundation and Daniel and Estrellita Brodsky Family Foundation.

There are a lot of philanthropic dollars floating around New York, largely because of how many successful businessmen and businesswomen live and work in the area, giving them an up-close view of local needs. In addition to its more well-known funders, New York City is home to many private family foundations that don’t have websites and are much less transparent or accessible for first-time grantseekers. That’s where Inside Philanthropy steps in with ongoing news coverage and informational articles about New York foundations on our NYC and Tri-State blog.

Community foundations are also major sources of local giving, not just in New York City, but also throughout the state’s smaller towns and rural places. Giving in New York is varied and diverse, and New York funders embrace a wide swath of causes including racial equity, poverty and arts and culture. New York is also a central hub for Jewish giving in America, with countless family foundations prioritizing Jewish education and community resources across the five boroughs. Tying the city’s philanthropic sector together are several well-established membership organizations, including the New York Regional Association of Grantmakers, Grantmakers Forum of New York, NY Funders Alliance and Philanthropy New York.

In recent years, Inside Philanthropy has published an abundance of articles about grantmaking in New York, becoming a leading resource on the state’s foundations and donors with over three million visitors to our website annually. We also simplify the process of researching individual and institutional funders with our GrantFinder tool and help grantseekers connect with nearly 15,000 foundation staff through our PeopleFinder database.

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