Although there are not nearly as many grantmaking foundations in Utah as in many other U.S. states, local giving is still going strong in Salt Lake City. One private foundation in Salt Lake City worth knowing is the Ruth Eleanor Bamberger and John Ernest Bamberger Memorial Foundation, which makes local giving a priority.

Here are four important things to know about the Bamberger Memorial Foundation’s giving if you work in the nonprofit industry in Utah.

Children and Youth are Top Priorities

The organization’s founders, Ernest and Eleanor Bamberger, had two children, but both died early in their young lives. The children’s names were Ruth Eleanor and John Ernest, and the foundation is named for them. With no children as heirs, the founders dedicated their philanthropy to the needs of children and young people. These interests extend to education, scholarships, crisis care and protective service for children and youth. Bamberger also grants scholarships for undergraduate nurses, schools, health agencies, hospitals, and child welfare agencies.

There is One Application Deadline Per Year

The Bamberger Memorial Foundation has one annual grantmaking cycle and awards grants on a yearly basis. For example, the application deadline for 2020 is September 9. The due date is known to shift from year to year but is typically in early September. Most foundation grants are between $2,000 and $10,000, so consider that a reasonable range for new requests.

The Focus is Entirely on Utah

Bamberger’s giving is strictly local. Although the foundation is based in Salt Lake City, it considers all areas of Utah and keeps all giving within the state. Examples of recent grantees are Utah Youth Village, the Junior League of Salt Lake City, and the Utah Museum of Natural History.

Only Previous Grantees are Eligible for New Funding

At least for now, the Bamberger Memorial Foundation is only considering grant requests from organizations it has previously funded. Check the website to confirm if this is still true in the future or if unsolicited requests also become welcome at some point.

For previously funded organizations, the foundation requires six copies of the application materials, which include a cover letter, program description, latest audit report, list of the board of directors and other documents. This funder has a very simple one-page website and does not have an online application system, so it is best to simply mail the sets of required paper documents by early September.

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