When deciding who to promote into a leadership role, most executives look at how candidates have performed in their current job. But past performance isn’t always the best predictor of success. Individual contributors are usually measured on their ability, likability, and drive — but leadership demands other traits, including integrity and emotional intelligence. So don’t just promote your highest performer. Instead, think about what good leadership looks like at your company. Do you need people who can drive results? Bring everyone together? Listen and develop others? Innovate and evolve the business? Then think about who has the skills you’re looking for — and take another look at employees who “may not be ready.” Reconsider them on the basis of their ambition, reputation, and passion for your business. Sometimes the youngest, most agile people turn into capable leaders when given the chance.

This tip is adapted from “Hire Leaders for What They Can Do, Not What They Have Done,” by Josh Bersin and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

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