The nonprofit sector moves at lightening speed. You are expected to serve clients, honor the mission and innovate.  And, oh yeah, do this all without added resources or support.  The American Nonprofit Academy can connect you with coaches who are NPO experts.  Need confidential advice?  Perhaps a pivot or reset?  Maybe an outside voice of reason with new approaches?   Connect to our vetted coaches who are leaders and professional coaches in the nonprofit sector with approaches that get results.  From blocks of 30 minutes to 30 hours, get connected to American Nonprofit Academy nonprofit coaches.

Feeling like you are a piece of a chess board?  Knowing how to play the game is critical.  What could be your next move?  How do you create a strategy that is a winner for yourself, your nonprofit organization and even your own sanity?  We can connect you to real world advice with trained professionals who know how to navigate the fast-paced world of philanthropy.  You set the parameters and even the amount of time spent with your coach.  Need more feedback on how your needs are best met?  Reach out to us and we will source the best client-coach fit for you and your team.

Sometimes it’s a voice of reason. Other times it’s some tough love.  On the other end of your phone, laptop, or desktop, is an expert who understands the nonprofit sector.  We connect you to these vetted Thought Leaders for coaching sessions which work to your schedule, your needs and toward your success.  Coaching commitments are presented in blocks of time with direct -one on one- connection with the Coach.  Start by purchasing an initial amount of discussion time with one of our Coaches.  From there you and your coach will set up times to chat.  Coaching calls will be arranged via phone calls or a digital meeting platform such as Skype or Zoom, whichever is best.

The magic of the nonprofit sector is community.  But, let’s face it – sometimes our communities are too small and intertwined.  A voice of reason from the outside can offer a different perspective and new approaches.  American Nonprofit Academy Coaches work in confidence with their clients.  They understand the codes of trust, honest feedback and educated process.   Coaching from NPO sector leaders might just be the key to solve a problem and unlock success.

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Skye Mercer, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP and CDMS   As a Human Resource consultant and leadership coach, Skye works with individuals and groups across the nations.  She is a subject expert on Americans with Disabilities Act, Family Medical Leave Act and Worker’s Compensation issues.  Skye has worked with major corporations to smaller nonprofit organizations.  She has a passion for career coaching and brings her knowledge of professional advancement strategies to all her clients.