eLearning FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

What type of learning is offered?   
Our learning and training is focused exclusively for nonprofits, social impact organizations and charitable services—filling their knowledge needs to help motivate and achieve success.   Our generous sponsors and partners provide us financial support which in turn allows us to provide ALL of our learning based training FREE TO YOU!  New learning and training tools are added DAILY!

How is the online learning organized?
They are organized in categories; Fundraising & Development, Marketing & Communication, Boards & Planning, Management & Staffing, Technology & Digital.Select a category of interest and narrow your search using Keywords in the upper right Search Box on the category learning page.
And remember to check in often — instructors and guests are adding and improving the learning experience all the time!

What type of technology do I need to take a course?
Courses may be accessed with desktops, tablets and even on your phone. Both Windows based and Apple based operating systems will work. We recommend a desktop environment to achieve best results for learning.

What is included in a learning session?   
Online courses are typically presented either in direct recorded video with accompanying audio. All the learning episodes are also placed in Podcast form and you will find them across most all Podcast networks.  Our instructors sometimes have downloadable worksheets with tools such as PDFs, Excel files and systems that support the topic. Links to these materials are often provided within the viewing of the course as a QR code. If you are listening to a course on our Podcast networks, please email us for any materials you may wish to obtain.

How do I reach the instructor?
Easy-peasy. Most instructors who work with the American Nonprofit Academy provide their contact information. We do our best to include their contact information on each course and learning experience as well as within the Podcast version.

How do I suggest a new course or a special area of interest?   
Just drop us a note at [email protected]. We depend on your insights, frustrations, opportunities and observations. Let us know what training you and your organization need to achieve your mission, vision and values. We’d love to hear from you!

Is the American Nonprofit Academy a nonprofit?
We are a for-profit corporation and we also have a Foundation. The American Nonprofit Foundation is fiscally sponsored by Vitalyst which supports scholarships and outreach. Donations are tax-exempt as allowed by law and 501(c)3 status.

Are any of these courses part of a CE Credit?
No. If you have a specific requirement or think that a particular training track might work for you in this regard, give us an email at [email protected] Let’s chat about it!

How can I become an instructor for the American Nonprofit Academy?
Pick up that phone right now! Race to your computer and send off an email! We are growing quickly and are relying on nonprofit sector experts to train staff, leaders, volunteers and donors. Look at our course content and let us know how you think you would fit in. See our Instructor FAQ page.

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