What type of courses are offered?   
Our learning and training is focused exclusively for nonprofits and charitable services—filling their knowledge needs to help motivate and achieve success. We offer two types of online training for you; Learning based episodes and Advanced Certificate programs.  Our generous sponsors and partners allow us to provide over 400 learning based training free to you. Our Advanced Certificate programs are fee based with current pricing provided on their descriptions.  New learning and training tools are added DAILY!

How is the online learning organized?
They are organized in categories; Fundraising & Development, Marketing & Communication, Boards & Planning, Management & Staffing, Technology & Digital, and Advanced Certificates. Select a category of interest and narrow your search using Keywords in the upper right Search Box on the category learning page.
And remember to check in often — instructors and guests are adding and improving the learning experience all the time!

How long are the courses?   
Our Certificate Programs are multiple courses placed in a customized bundle. Depending on the topic, the courses are broken into multiple sections to make it easier to manage. You can stop, continue, and re-start to fit your schedule.  Course lengths vary from about 20 minutes to almost three hours.   They typically take multiple sessions to complete.   In addition, there are often course materials downloadable for future use.  With our Certificate Programs, once added to your Student Dashboard you can re-take the online course as often as you like.

What type of technology do I need to take a course?
Courses may be accessed with desktops, tablets and even on your phone. Both Windows based and Apple based operating systems will work. We recommend a desktop environment to achieve best results for learning. You can even start an Advanced Certificate course on your desktop and finish viewing on your phone by logging in and out.

What is included in a course?   
Online courses are typically presented either in direct recorded video with accompanying audio. Our instructors sometimes have downloadable worksheets with tools such as PDFs, Excel files and systems that support the topic.  The Advanced Certificate courses’ description will list the materials provided. These documents and tools are downloadable once the course is purchased.

How do I reach the instructor?
Easy-peasy. Most instructors who work with the American Nonprofit Academy provides their contact information. We do our best to include their contact information on each course and learning experience as well.

Can I get a refund for Advanced certificate bundles I purchase?   
Yes. If you pay for a course or certificate and find it was not as advertised let us know within three days via email. We pride ourselves in being the low-cost, effective and supportive training option for nonprofits.

Do I earn a printed certificate confirming I completed a course?
Yes, for Advanced Certificate courses we provide a completion certificate.  In fact, we encourage you to post the certificate on your LinkedIn page, Facebook page, and share it with your colleagues, Executive Team or HR department. The certificates demonstrate a commitment to improving your mission and personal skill set.

How do I suggest a new course?   
Just drop us a note at [email protected]. We depend on your insights, frustrations, opportunities and observations. Let us know what training you and your organization need to achieve your mission, vision and values. We’d love to hear from you!

What is the Student Dashboard?   
Located on the upper right corner of the menu area this is a quick detailed view of your progress on the Advanced Certificate courses. Think of it as your Parent-Teacher conference meets Report Card without any detention! You can see your Academy learning history detailing courses you purchased and enrolled in, are awaiting completion, or completed and received a certificate for.

I can’t remember my login code for my Advanced Certificate Coursework.
We hate when that happens! Don’t worry we will get you keys back into the Kingdom in short order. Click the Sign In button on the upper right of your screen. You will see the sign-in requests both your email address and password. To the lower right below the Password box is a Forgot Password? wording. Click Forgot Password? and fill the blue highlighted box with your email address, then click submit. Next, check your email in-box and our computer will have sent you a reset link to the email account you have on file with us. From that email you can reset your password. Try not to create a new account as your Student Dashboard will lose track of all the hard work you have already done.

Is the American Nonprofit Academy a nonprofit?
We are a for-profit corporation and we also have a Foundation. The American Nonprofit Foundation is fiscally sponsored by Vitalyst which supports scholarships and outreach. Donations are tax-exempt as allowed by law and 501(c)3 status.

What information do you collect about me?
Not willing to give us your blood type? We get it! We only ask for your name, email address, and the basic payment information if you purchase an advanced certificate course. We don’t sell our email lists to third parties. We communicate with you via email on a limited periodic basis to alert you about new training and learning programs that are available.

Are any of these courses part of a CE Credit?
No. If you have a specific requirement or think that a particular training track might work for you in this regard, give us an email at [email protected] Let’s chat about it!

How can I become an instructor for the American Nonprofit Academy?
Pick up that phone right now! Race to your computer and send off an email! We are growing quickly and are relying on nonprofit sector experts to train staff, leaders, volunteers and donors. Look at our course content and let us know how you think you would fit in. See our Instructor FAQ page.

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