New Course: Board Chair Duties

Board Chairs have so many more roles to serve than their fellow members will ever know. Learn what duties Board Chairs must complete in order to function legally.  

New Course: Board Chair Duties2018-10-02T12:48:07-07:00

New Course: Board Composition – Navigating Diversity

Why Board composition or diversity impacts the entire nonprofit organization. Board diversity is far more than gender and ethnicity. Learn how to assess what your Board composition is now and what you need for the future.

New Course: Board Composition – Navigating Diversity2018-10-02T12:48:19-07:00

New Course: Board Chair Meeting Management

Meetings can drive away Board members or bind them to the nonprofit. Learn how to manage meetings with ease and success.

New Course: Board Chair Meeting Management2018-10-02T12:50:31-07:00

New Course: Board Chair Training – Succession Planning

Board Chairs always have the next leader lined up and ready to execute. Is your organization doing this?  Board Chairs must demonstrate leadership with continuity that extends beyond their tenure.

New Course: Board Chair Training – Succession Planning2018-10-02T12:51:24-07:00

New Course: Cross-Cultural Communications

Navigate your nonprofit away from old thinking, stereotypes and embrace the fundamental approaches of cross-cultural communications.

New Course: Cross-Cultural Communications2018-10-02T12:52:20-07:00

New Course: PIED Assessment Tools

How using a PIED - Professional Interim Executive Director - might be the best transition tool ever! Learn what the PIED should be assessing and reporting back to the Board.

New Course: PIED Assessment Tools2018-07-21T15:16:41-07:00
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