The experts weigh in with Jarrett Ransom, host of NPO Talk Show.  Each episode connects nonprofit thought leaders, change makers and organizations across the Country doing amazing work.  Learn how to create meaningful achievements, motivate stakeholders and engage donors.

Known as the “Nonprofit Nerd”, Jarrett is a nationally recognized author, speaker and CEO of the Rayvan Group.  Jarrett brings high energy to each episode–leading a focused discussion which entertains, enlightens and engages nonprofits.  View the latest seasons episodes below and get inspired!


EPISODE 1: SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! With guest Bobby D. Ehlert, CEO of Call to Auction what is IN and what is OUT when it comes to benefit fundraising auctions. As one of only 200 Benefit Auctioneers in the nation, Bobby D. is a hot talent whose fast talking takes him around the world raising millions of dollars! He shares an insider’s view of how donors make decisions to invest in a nonprofit and it may surprise you.

EPISODE 2: MAKING MONEY PADDLE BY PADDLE. With guest Erin Ward, CEO of Inspire Heart Fundraising Fund-A-Need. Paddle Raise or any other name that gets your event guests spending money is a huge trend. For patrons who are not dazzled by silent auction items, or squeezed out from super high-priced live auctions, the paddle call is a straight forward way to raise money. The concept might be a bit daunting and new to some nonprofits but Auction specialist Erin Ward explains how and WHY the process works!

EPISODE 3: CHARMING YOUR NONPROFIT COMMUNITY. With guest Kay McDonald, CEO of Charity Charms As a child, Kay McDonald was fascinated by her Grandmother’s charm bracelet. Each ornament told a story! Expanding on the notion of wearing stories, Kay took the idea of branding nonprofits via charms. A national expert in cause marketing, Kay works with nonprofits worldwide to help them share their story in a unique way. From thanking volunteers to celebrating milestones, Charity Charms has led the way with an innovative way to bringing attention to nonprofits.

EPISODE 4: IS YOUR BOARD STRONG & SUSTAINABLE? With guest Michael G. Daigneault, CEO of Quantum Governance. Everyone buzzes about governance-- but what does it really mean? Michael shares what makes a Board strong at governing and how it actually works. From the legal aspect to leadership to the every day pro forma of working on Board compliance, Michael discusses strategies that will make your nonprofit function at a higher level with outcomes that drive sustainability.

EPISODE 5: DON’T BE LAZY – GET A LIAISON. With guest Julia C. Patrick, CEO of American Nonprofit Academy. If you are serving on a Board without a Board Liaison, your job is 100% harder. Find out about this critical management piece to well functioning Boards. Get ideas on how Board Liaisons work, what their tasks are, and how much time it takes to get the job done. Once you are on a Board with an effective Board Liaison, you’ll never join a Board without one!

EPISODE 6: HAVE YOU LAWYERED UP YET? With guest Laura Lo Bianco, Partner, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie. Boards who don’t have a lawyer on their boat might face some rough seas or even sink. Learn from attorney Laura Lo Bianco why a lawyer on your Board of Directors is a good idea. Better yet, Laura discusses what type of lawyers will help guide your nonprofit. Laura is an attorney who specializes in nonprofit organizations from formation, mergers and acquisitions.

EPISODE 7: SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: BUSINESS OR BUST. With guest Kate Thoene of Social Enterprise Alliance. Social enterprise is a favorite topic in nonprofit circles. Could running a business that profits enough to support a nonprofit actually work? From thrift stores to restaurants and everything in between, nonprofits are getting into the for-profit side of things. But-- budding entrepreneurs beware! There is a lot of work to be done if you want to make money. And, it all has to be done on top of your nonprofit day job.

EPISODE 8: DONORS WANT TO BE SMART ABOUT GIVING. With guest Brandon Stec, Director of Marketing, at GiveSmart. Is there a better way to get donors involved? There is a better way to process the donor experience at events? “Yes!” says Brandon Stec. Hear how Community Brands and their Give Smart platform is actually making the donor journey stronger and more reliable. Data can drive results and if you know how your donors are engaging at your events planning makes more sense. Brandon talks about the process of navigating the donor experience at events and making the event more successful for all involved.

EPISODE 9: BECOME A DONOR DATA MASTER. With guest Steven Shattuck, Chief Engagement Officer of Bloomerang. Donor management software should be a key element of your nonprofit process. Too often-- nonprofits are content with simple spreadsheets. Learn from Steven Shattuck, a nationally known nonprofit data guru about the ways your team can manage donor data. It’s okay to admit you are keeping all your donor details in a coffee-stained folder, just be ready to get on board with a new plan.

EPISODE 10: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MAJOR GIFTS ARE NOT CASH. With guest Nicole K. Ball, Vice President, Nonprofit Consultant, Bank of America. A lot of major gifts are flowing to nonprofits. You may be surprised that when it comes to to wealthy donors, planned giving and bequests, cash is not king. In fact, as Nicole K. Ball with Bank of America explains less than 10% of gifts involve cash. So what does a nonprofit do when it comes to accepting major gifts such as art, real estate and stocks or bonds?

EPISODE 11: HOW MUCH IS IT COSTING YOU TO OPERATE? With guest Eric Fraint, President and Founder, Your Part-Time Controller. All too often we hear the cost of operations discussed in relationship to dollars spent on programming. In a lot of instances, the cost of operations can appear to make a nonprofit low-performing. Eric Fraint, CPA discusses how and why nonprofits need to reframe their cost of operations. With new approaches to understanding what it takes to run a successful nonprofit, Eric believes it is time for nonprofits to stop apologizing and start explaining.

EPISODE 12: WHAT’S IN A PLAN? MONEY! With guest Tiffany House, CAP, Gift Planning Consultant. Donors who think their Last Will and Testament is a secure and done deal, need to think again. So do nonprofit organizations who “think” they know what bequests have been directed. Tiffany House discusses the process to building strong alliances with donors who are planning their estates and how nonprofits can be strong advocates of building relationships that will honor their donors wishes.

EPISODE 13: THE INSIDER’S EVENT MANAGEMENT. With guest Michelle Mason, Event Prep. How many nonprofits can say they can get away without events. From raising money, hosting Board retreats to staff trainings, nonprofits often find themselves in the event business. Guest Michelle Mason a veteran of the event business shares her insights into how venues, resorts and hotels manage their event space. She also gives all the details on how using intermediary event planners can save loads of money and ultimately save your sanity.

EPISODE 14: WORKING WITH WEALTHY DONORS. With guest Matthew Laufman, Senior VP, Philanthropic Solutions, Bank of America. Wealthy donors often make their fortunes via investments. So, it makes sense they look to nonprofits as investments as well. Wealthy donors are searching for meaningful investments that impact the nonprofit sector. Matthew Laufman, Senior VP of Philanthropic Solutions for Bank of America discusses trends in wealth management with a view towards stewardship of significant nonprofit gifts.

EPISODE 15: CLEANING UP AND MOVING UP! With guest Amber Ehrlich, KonMari Consultant, The Tidy Bungalow. Is your messy office and workspace making you feel like a hot mess? Amber Ehrlich has simple, logical, and effective methods to de-clutter your workspace so you can de-clutter your mind. She even has an approach to email management that we think is fabulous!

EPISODE 16: OPEN THE DOOR TO WORKING FROM HOME. With guest Skye Mercer, HR Expert, Skye HR Consulting. Is your work environment so hectic that often times you can get more done at home? Skye Mercer talks about the navigation of working from home and how to manage the process. From planned WFH days to understanding the office politics of who gets to work from home, Skye offers specific methods and ideas on how to get the maximum benefit of this new work environment.

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