A variety of questions this week from our viewers, including: Cultivate 2023 focus on leadership and fundraising | Getting support for training | Competing nonprofits and ethics | Pushing Boards for DEI | Board members as fundraisers. Co-host LaShonda Williams from Fundraising Academy, joins our CEO in giving their best answers. More about Fundraising Academy

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Telecast Summary:

Welcome to another episode of the nonprofit show with Julia Patrick and special guest Lashonda Williams, a trainer from Fundraising Academy. They discuss their experience at the AFP Icon event and the importance of face-to-face interactions in building relationships. They express gratitude to their sponsors for supporting their show and mention the upcoming Cultivate 2023 conference hosted by Fundraising Academy.

Julia introduces the topic of cultivating relationships and asks Lashonda to share her thoughts. Lashonda emphasizes the value of professional affiliations like AFP and the benefits they bring to both individuals and organizations. She advises Jerry, who wrote in with a question about his nonprofit paying for AFP chapter dues, to make a strong case for support and have an open dialogue with his executive director. Lashonda also highlights the importance of personal investment in professional development.

The conversation then shifts to another question from a listener who received a donor inquiry about another nonprofit. Julia and Lashonda stress the ethical responsibility to never speak disparagingly about other organizations. They encourage the listener to ask more questions to understand the donor‘s interests and find ways to align their own organization with those interests. They also acknowledge the initial concern about potential loss of funding but remind the listener to focus on building trust and maintaining respectful relationships.

Overall, the discussion emphasizes the significance of authentic engagement, professional growth, and ethical considerations in the nonprofit sector.