The MISSION of the American Nonprofit Academy is to bring education, leadership, connectivity and collaboration to the nonprofit community.

The VISION of the American Nonprofit Academy is to educate and connect stakeholders in the nonprofit community with low cost educational opportunities. This includes the involvement of nonprofit staff, founders, funders, donors, volunteers, corporate partners and government.

The VALUES of the American Nonprofit Academy orient communities towards building sustainable approaches to philanthropy. Education, connectivity and collaboration are the key values that move the American Nonprofit Academy towards its goals. When the nonprofit sector achieves success all members of the community succeed.


The story of the American Nonprofit Academy is the story of American nonprofits.  We come from a variety of places and backgrounds and believe each day can be better than the last.

We know America is a place where a Community Organizer can stand as tall as a corporate CEO. We live in a country gifted with the ability to both make money and make a difference. We get out of bed in the morning with a to-do list filled with people not products.  Even more so, we are grateful to be surrounded by social entrepreneurs who are enlightened with purpose.

The American nonprofit community is one of the few remaining arenas where thinking outside the box is encouraged and rewarded.  It is a community where doing what has not been done before, or what can be done better, is a valid goal.

We will admit our platform won’t hold all the answers to every problem a nonprofit encounters, nor can we tell you where all the needs and opportunities exist.  However, we can be one of the tools for your journey.  By serving as a platform for providing and connecting you with the expertise and support you may need, we hope the American Nonprofit Academy will become one of your sources for knowledge, encouragement and success.

This learning platform is constructed to match the complex variety of nonprofit missions.  We have experts from mission specific fields who bring their talent, view and history to our menu of free and low cost training.   You will gain strength by learning from those who have traveled your path or are experts in your unique field.  And our National news and Foundation news sections give you the big picture of our nonprofit sector.  Keeping up on the actions of your peers, donors, volunteers, clients and even competitors is very important as you journey along and we further encourage you to read your Local Nonprofit News.

We understand your success is measured more by how many mouths you feed, families you help, lives you save and not by how much money you make.  Yours is a purposeful life.   It requires compassion, creativity and commitment. Because of this, we honor and take the responsibility of providing training seriously.

We hope you will find the American Nonprofit Academy valuable and always appreciate your feedback to make it better.

Stay well so you can do well…

Julia C. Patrick
Founder and CEO
American Nonprofit Academy

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