Searching for the next big thing in nonprofit management?  Perhaps the latest trends in the sector?  Maybe even how to inspire your nonprofit Board of Directors?  Take a look at these books recommended by the American Nonprofit Academy.  Start your own reading group, or bring these books into your leadership team.  New ideas and thoughts on how to be better nonprofit organizations are being discussed everyday.  Join the conversation.

Raise Your Voice

Brian G. Sooy
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The Gift of Small Potatoes
How a Culture of
Generosity  Empowers
Mission Driven Brands

Brian G. Sooy
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Strategic Impact
A Leader’s Three-Step Framework for the Customized Vital Strategic Plan

Carol A. Poore, Ph.D.
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Responsive Fundraising
The Donor-Centric Framework Helping Today’s Leading Nonprofits Grow Giving

Gabe Cooper & Mckenna Bailey
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Robots Make Bad Fundraisers
How Nonprofits Can
Maintain the Heart
in the Digital Age

Steven Shattuck
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Nonprofit Management
A Social

Congress, Luks, Petit
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Forces For Good
The Six Practices
of High-Impact

Crutchfield and Grant
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Joan Garry’s Guide
To Nonprofit Leadership
Because The World
Is Counting On You

Joan Garry
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The Complete Guide
To Fundraising
4th Edition

Weinstein & Barden

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Building Smart Nonprofits
A Roadmap
Mission Success

David J. O’Brien & Matthew D. Craig
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Managing Human
Behavior in Public
and Nonprofit Organizations

Denhardt, Denhardt,
Aristigueta, Rawlings
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The Little Book of Boards
A Board Member’s
Handbook for Small
and Very Small Nonprofits

Erik Hanberg
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The Only
Book You’ll Ever Need

Ellen Karsh and Arlen Sue Fox
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Start A 501c#
Nonprofit That
Does Not Ruin Your Life

Audrey K. Chisholm
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The Law
In Plain English for
Nonprofit Organizations

Leonard D. DuBoff and Amanda Bryan
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