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Understanding Major Donors (How much can they give?)

Groundbreaking insights behind understanding major nonprofit donors, with a donor research tool that determines how much a donor might give. Donor Abacus operationalizes donor research, providing an objective, bias-free approach to determining the ideal donation amount for major gifts. By [...]

How To Find New Donors In 2024

The transformative potential of strategic fundraising approaches grounded in donor-centricity, digital innovation, and proactive volunteer engagement in 2024. We are led by Katie Gaston, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bloomerang, and she talks about meeting donors where they are, leveraging [...]

I Started A Nonprofit At 12!

12-year-old Arjun Sharda, founder, and executive director of Tleem.org, shares his remarkable nonprofit journey towards empowering individuals through education and technology. We hear how he formed Tleem.org at such a young age. With its mission to foster creativity and entrepreneurship [...]

The Three Types Of Donors

New research in understanding nonprofit donor’s, helping guide nonprofits towards better communications with donors, with Jane Pfeiffer, founder of FieldTrip. Jane's research reveals three distinct nonprofit supporter segments: empathetic, skeptical, and disconnected, which are not solely defined by demographics but [...]

Answers To Nonprofits Questions (Donors and Boards)

From dealing with large nonprofit donors and trust advisors, sorting nonprofit board member financial obligations, to explaining concepts like nonprofit cause selling and board dynamics, hosts Julia Patrick and Muhi Khwaja answer questions from nonprofits. When faced with the dilemma [...]

Preventing Nonprofit Burnout

Mental and physical burnout in the nonprofit sector is an unfortunate reality, but there are ways to address it constructively. Meico Whitlock, founder of Mindful Techie, shares insights on how to protect ourselves from the ravages of nonprofit work. Meico [...]

Insights from 2024’s Fundraiser of the Year

The role of a fundraiser extends far beyond mere solicitation; it's about fostering a culture of philanthropy, building trust, and creating lasting impacts. Ken Phillips, named the Association of Fundraising Professional’s “2024 Fundraiser of the Year”, embodies these principles with [...]

Tech Trends In Nonprofit Finance 2024

The transformative power of technology in leveling the playing field in nonprofit finance. Jackie Tiso, CEO of JMT Consulting, discusses finding answers to finance-tech questions for nonprofits. Jackie shares JMT Consulting's remarkable journey as a remote company serving nonprofits for [...]

Preventing Fraud in Nonprofit Organizations

Preventing fraud in nonprofit organizations, with key strategies and actionable tips, for organizations to mitigate risks and maintain financial integrity. In today's digital age, nonprofit organizations face an array of challenges, including the looming threat of fraud. Jennifer Alleva, CEO [...]

Nonprofit’s Questions (Are donors always right)

Nonprofit’s asked; Are donors always right? Why don’t nonprofit’s pay commissions? How should fundraisers cover expenses? Should nonprofits apply for as many grants as possible? The host, with guest host LaShonda Williams, from Fundraising Academy, addressed these topics with expert [...]

The Role of a Nonprofit Board Treasurer

The role of a Board Treasurer in a nonprofit extends beyond accounting tasks to encompass strategic financial oversight, transparency, and accountability. By prioritizing timely financial reporting, active engagement in budget discussions, and promoting transparency, treasurers play a pivotal role in [...]

Nonprofit Messaging (Show me you know me)

Key aspects of nonprofit messaging and connecting with nonprofit’s audiences, including defining clarity in messaging to create lasting connections, and strengthening nonprofit's organizational impact, with Jordana Merkin, CEO and founder of Voice for Good Marketing, Jordana begins with the essence [...]

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