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Our archive of the most relevant nonprofit and social impact topics, presented to boost your understanding of the trends, patterns, and issues amongst the social sector and your nonprofit peers and funders. Begin exploring and learn from these archives by entering keywords in the search box.  From management, to money, to missions, this deep knowledge training base is provided with unlimited access–thanks to the generous support of Partners.


Navigating the Intersection of Volunteers and Staff in the Nonprofit Sector

The benefits of strategic volunteer management for nonprofits, ranging from enhanced organizational reputation to increased community engagement. Insights on the intricate dynamics of volunteer-staff interactions, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful planning and effective communication in leveraging volunteer resources for nonprofit [...]

Strategic Planning Essentials (Inclusive planning)

The topic of strategic planning essentials for nonprofits! We discuss the intricacies of inclusive strategic planning, ensuring that every voice is heard, with Carol Hamilton of Grace Social Sector consulting. Carol begins with the “why” of inclusivity in strategic planning, [...]

Questions Nonprofits Asked (nonprofit collaborations | Marketing)

From managing travel expenses for nonprofit donor meetings to navigating milestone marketing at a charity, and nonprofit's collaborating on joint galas, the cohosts provide advice to nonprofits rooted in transparency, strategic planning, and better communication. Meredith Terrian starts on a [...]

Navigating Donor Dominance: (Fundraising Ethics)

Unraveling the complexities surrounding donor dominance in the nonprofit sector. With an emphasis on ethical fundraising practices, Angela Barnes and Jack Alotto discuss the subtle yet impactful dynamics that can arise between donors and organizations. Donor dominance, as Barnes articulates, [...]

Relational Leadership For Nonprofits

A fresh and striking perspective on relational leadership, focusing on aligning goals with nonprofit’s mission and fostering a culture of compassionate accountability within nonprofit organizations, with Wendy F. Adams, CFRE, from Cultivate for Good. Wendy gives the keys to building [...]

Navigating Nonprofit Tech

Are you struggling to navigate nonprofit technology? Learn strategies for leveraging technology effectively in nonprofits, the worth of tech integration, and the importance of understanding the ‘why’ behind implementing technology solutions, with Alicia Eastvold from Your Part-Time Controller. Find out [...]

Equity In Nonprofit Grant Writing

Grant writing insights for nonprofits, with strategies for navigating grant applications with an equity-centered approach, with Stephanie Somerman, Senior Director at Elevate. From redefining the narrative to empowering communities, we focus on the importance of putting people at the forefront [...]

Nonprofit’s Want To Know (Fundraising to Marketing answers)

Nonprofit fundraising strategies, NPO marketing with branding, Donor relationships, Board governance, and professional development for nonprofits are the question topics on this episode. Cohosts Julia Patrick and Jack Alotto respond with wisdom and some fun, into topics ranging from fundraising [...]

Capital Campaign Magic For Nonprofits

Discover the power of data-driven strategies, efficient donor management, and relationship cultivation for successful nonprofit capital campaigns. Gain practical advice for navigating fundraising challenges and maximizing impact in your nonprofit organization. Guest expert Kirsten Wantland joins cohosts Julia Patrick and [...]

Athletes Influence In Philanthropy (The power of sports and nonprofits!)

The transformative intersection of professional sports and philanthropy with Joanne Pasternack, President at Oliver Rose. This high-speed interview starts with Joanne’s personal journey highlighting the power of sports. Her work with athletes and nonprofits challenges the one-size-fits-all view of athlete [...]

Navigating Nonprofit Financial Anxiety

The origins of financial fear for nonprofits, how to ask for crucial information tied to impact, and the importance of aligning financial data with the nonprofit’s organizational missions. Featuring guest Jacqueline Tiso, the CEO of JMT Consulting. With an emphasis [...]

Hiring Nonprofit Staff On A Tight Budget

The intricacies of nonprofit staffing operating on tight budgets with guest Patrick Gnehm, the CEO and founder of Talent Sync. Patrick speaks to the challenges nonprofits face in hiring staff. With a focus on strategic growth, Patrick outlined the unique [...]

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