A discussion about the inner workings of foundations. The executive director at the TW Lewis Foundation sheds light on the Foundation’s mission, values, and commitment to making a positive impact on the community. He begins by explaining how his path led him to the TW Lewis Foundation through his involvement in education advocacy and school choice initiatives.

Tom Lewis, the founder of the TW Lewis Foundation, created the organization in 2000 with a focus on providing scholarships to students going to college. Over time, the foundation has expanded its scope, supporting various nonprofit organizations locally and nationally. The primary mission of the foundation is to assist children and families in need, with a strong emphasis on Christian education, civic-minded causes, and strengthening America.

When asked about the grant cycle, Steve Smith explains that they work closely with their grantees to ensure alignment with their mission and values. The foundation seeks to help organizations become self-sustaining, not just provide one-time financial assistance.

Steve emphasizes the foundation’s nationwide reach, with a focus on both local and national causes. They partner with various organizations and carefully evaluate grant requests to make impactful decisions.

The foundation has maintained a very positive image, driven by its founder’s strong reputation and commitment to helping the community. They leverage social media and traditional media platforms to raise awareness about their initiatives and encourage others to get involved.

Looking ahead to 2024, Steve’s crystal ball reveals the growing importance of K12 education initiatives and alternative learning options. The foundation plans to focus on K12 education efforts, including Christian education, to address the evolving needs of families and children.