A terrific learning conversation about simplifying the often-misunderstood world of Planned Giving for nonprofits, with Tony Martignetti, a former attorney turned planned giving consultant. With his candid charm, Tony reveals his journey from despising his attorney gig to embracing the predictability and impact of planned giving, belaying a clear message that planned giving is not as complex as it seems.

Tony begins by explaining, “Planned giving fundraising does not change that much. It would take a major overhaul of the estate tax law for planned giving to change significantly, and there hasn’t been one of those in at least two decades.” This insight into the stability of planned giving will resonate with you if you’re looking for long-term fundraising strategies.

At the heart of the discussion is the simplicity of starting a planned giving program. Tony emphasizes the most common and simplest form of planned giving: bequests. “Launching the dealing with the most basic, simplest, most common planned gift by far, just feels that’s the place to launch your planned giving,” he states. This straightforward approach demystifies the process, making it accessible even to nonprofits just starting with planned giving.

Tony then shares an inspiring statistic that underscores the profound impact of planned giving on donor relationships: “75% of people who leave a gift in their will, that will increase their other giving to your nonprofit.” This reveals how deepening donor engagement through planned gifts can enhance overall giving, a testament to the emotional and financial bonds that planned giving can forge between donors and nonprofits.

Throughout the show, cohosted by Julia Patrick and Sherry Quam Taylor, Tony advocates for those making the ‘Asks’ to focus on life and sustainability rather than the morose topic of death, which many mistakenly associate with planned giving. His approach is life-affirming, emphasizing the ongoing impact of donor contributions well into the future. This perspective not only enriches the dialogue around planned giving but also aligns it closely with the core missions of nonprofits—sustaining and nurturing community life through enduring support.

The episode wraps with a clear takeaway: start simple, think long-term, and engage deeply with your donors. Tony’s closing comments echo a call to action for nonprofits to embrace planned giving not as a daunting venture but as a natural extension of their existing donor relationships. Learn more at TonyMartignetti.com