A study of the success of a fundraising campaign at a nonprofit which garnered a remarkable 374% increase in fundraising compared to the previous year.

Jarrett Ransom begins by highlighting the importance of the end-of-year fundraising season where statistics show around 30% of fundraising dollars come in during these three months, with a significant portion coming in December.

The organization that conducted this campaign faced a major funding cut of over $400,000 in September, putting immense pressure on them.

The conversation digs into the challenges faced due to the funding cut, including the fear and stress it caused within the organization. Jarrett set a goal to raise $200,000 in 90 days by stressing the importance of consistency in messaging and branding across multiple platforms, using the multi-channel approach, including email communication, social media, and mail solicitations. They also segmented their donor list based on past giving behaviors, like “LYBUNT” (Last Year But Unfortunately Not This Year donors), “SYBUNT” (Some Year But Unfortunately Not This Year donors), and zero-dollar donors. Giving Tuesday was also strategically incorporated to engage donors and cultivate relationships.

This fast-paced case study style discussion also peeks into the personal touch aspect, such as gratitude videos, personal emails, and holiday cards with handwritten notes. Jarrett emphasizes the importance of thanking donors and reporting on how their contributions made a difference, plus how nonprofits can still appeal to donors by emphasizing tax deductions and credits.

Finally, they discuss the consistency of graphics and branding, with Jarrett planning to use the same imagery and color schemes for next year’s campaign.

Watch the entire episode and you will agree with our ‘Three Cheers’ to Jarrett!