Nonprofit’s asked; Are donors always right? Why don’t nonprofit’s pay commissions? How should fundraisers cover expenses? Should nonprofits apply for as many grants as possible?

The host, with guest host LaShonda Williams, from Fundraising Academy, addressed these topics with expert insightful responses, focused on strategic thinking in nonprofit fundraising. They emphasize the need for alignment between grant applications and an organization’s existing programs, highlighting the potential wastefulness of pursuing grants unrelated to their mission. LaShonda also provides practical advice on ethical fundraising practices, including the significance of donor and fundraiser rights, while cautioning against toxic donor relationships. Furthermore, she points to the value of clear communication and due diligence in grant writing and expense management, stressing the importance of fiscal responsibility and ethical conduct in the nonprofit sector. Additionally, LaShonda and Julia promote the upcoming Cultivate conference, designed to empower professionals at all levels within the nonprofit landscape and offering actionable insights into effective fundraising strategies.