In an electrifying kick-off to the 2023 annual One Cause ‘Raise’ Conference in Nashville, Nonprofit Show host Jarrett Ransom helped welcome enthusiastic nonprofit professionals from around the country to this epic two-day event. With the city’s rich musical history as the backdrop, the conference set the stage for a memorable experience of connecting and learning.

Jarrett Ransom, CEO of the Rayvan Group and your self-proclaimed “nonprofit nerd,” shares the Day 1 experience—with a live broadcast from the event.

Emily Newberry, Vice President of National Accounts at, joined Jarrett on the broadcast stage, sharing her 12-year journey with the organization. She described how the Raise Conference has grown exponentially since its inception seven years ago in Washington, DC, with this year boasting over 600 attendees.

The theme of innovation was buzzing throughout the event. Emily noted that nonprofits and fundraisers are embracing technology and innovation more than ever before, driven by the expectations of both donors and the evolving landscape, especially in the wake of COVID-19.

Barbara O’Reilly, founder of Windmill Hill Consulting, and LaShonda Williams from the Fundraising Academy at National University added to the conference’s dynamic atmosphere. Barbara and LaShonda both lead sessions on the age-old debate of “Old School vs. New School” fundraising, highlighting the importance of integrating technology effectively into fundraising strategies.

Throughout the conference, attendees are soaking up knowledge, connecting with industry leaders, and discovering innovative tools and strategies to boost their organizations’ impact. The palpable energy in the air, coupled with Nashville’s vibrant culture, has created an unforgettable experience for all.

Don’t miss tuning in for Day Two, as the One Cause Raise Conference continues to inspire nonprofit professionals to revolutionize the world of philanthropy!