Answering nonprofit’s questions on how collaboration within the nonprofit sector can amplify impact, insights into working with military organizations, the challenges of compensating nonprofit board members and a few innovative solutions for maximizing year-end donations.

Meredith Terrian, with Fundraising Academy, kicks off by discussing her passion for strategic planning which gradually expanded to include intensive capital campaigns.

A significant portion of this lively discussion revolves around the importance of collaboration within the nonprofit sector. Meredith passionately shares, “I’ve worked with a number of military organizations and veterans’ groups, mostly in fundraising, but it’s given me a really unique understanding of the types of donors that are sympathetic to these missions and what really motivates them to give.”, referring to the interconnectedness and mutual support that can enhance NPO’s efforts.

The conversation also touches upon the sensitive topic of compensating nonprofit board members. Meredith expresses strong reservations about this trend, aligning with the traditional view that board members should primarily offer their time and expertise without financial incentives. This perspective is grounded in maintaining the altruistic essence of nonprofit governance and ensuring that donor funds are directed toward mission-centric activities.

Continuing, Meredith and co-host Julia Patrick discuss the strategic implications of closing a nonprofit organization during the last week of December—a prime time for year-end giving. You’ll hear their wise words as they suggest alternatives like a rotating schedule to ensure staff availability to handle donations and maintain operational continuity.

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