In this sparkling episode with special guest Meredith Terrian from the Fundraising Academy, a range of compelling questions from nonprofits are tackled with enthusiasm and expertise.

Meredith, an experienced trainer at Fundraising Academy, brought her wealth of knowledge to the table, addressing questions ranging from ethical dilemmas to marketing strategies.

The conversation kicks off with a sensitive question about potential misuse of funds by a nonprofit CEO, highlighting the importance of transparency and proper reporting procedures. Meredith emphasizes the necessity of whistleblower policies and suggests avenues for reporting such incidents while also urging caution to avoid making unfounded accusations.

Moving on, the discussion touches upon data security concerns when letting go of a development officer, underlining the significance of revoking access promptly and conducting exit interviews to reinforce confidentiality obligations.

The conversation shifts to the frequency of in-person meetings with donors, with both hosts concurring on the importance of face-to-face interactions for fostering relationships, especially with major donors and prospects. They stress the value of personalized communication alongside meetings.

The topic of brand consistency across digital and print marketing materials is then explored, with Meredith advocating for maintaining consistent color schemes to enhance brand recognition, professionalism, and message reinforcement. Jarrett adds a perspective on incorporating occasional variations to keep messaging fresh.

Lastly, the conversation wraps up with a discussion on board size and composition, highlighting the importance of skill diversity and strategic alignment when considering board expansion.