A fresh and striking perspective on relational leadership, focusing on aligning goals with nonprofit’s mission and fostering a culture of compassionate accountability within nonprofit organizations, with Wendy F. Adams, CFRE, from Cultivate for Good. Wendy gives the keys to building stronger team-leader relationships, setting meaningful goals, and fostering a culture of excellence within nonprofits.

Wendy launches the fast-paced conversation by highlighting the essence of relational leadership, stating, “We’ve got to start with the leader. Where are you in this space. Are you able to be self-aware.” She emphasizes the need for leaders to recognize their role in driving progress and addressing challenges head-on, stressing the importance of authenticity, stating, “We know that our supporters and our donors… they can sniff out anything that’s not authentic.”, then, continuing by pointing to the necessity of believing in the mission, stating, “Do you as the leader believe that your mission is possible?” She emphasizes the value of collaboration in tackling ambitious goals within the nonprofit sector.

The conversation then shifts to the practical aspects of goal-setting, with Wendy introducing the concept of “SMART goals” infused with relational principles, emphasizing the importance of goals being loyal to the mission, lasting, and measurable. She offers more on the need for leaders to nurture a culture where mistakes are viewed as opportunities for growth rather than barriers to progress.

The conversation sheds light on the role of compassionate accountability in driving organizational success. Wendy shares personal anecdotes and insights, stressing the need for leaders to empathize with their team members while holding them accountable to their commitments, stating, “We’re going to do this together as a leader… I’m going to be empathetic and keep you accountable and responsible to what you said.”

For those seeking to learn more about Wendy F. Adams and her approach to relational leadership in nonprofits, visit Cultivate for Good at cultivateforgood.com.