Nonprofit’s investing and financial stewardship with Phil Waara, COO and Investment Advisor at The conversation covers a range of topics related to nonprofit investment strategies, the importance of having an investment policy, engaging stakeholders, and the need for financial transparency. Phil emphasizes the potential for nonprofits of all sizes to engage in investment planning, whether through board participation, specialized advisors, or cultivating a solid investment policy. He discusses the significance of aligning investments with the organization’s mission and how having a well-defined investment plan can help nonprofits secure their financial future and navigate unexpected challenges. Phil also touches on the value of donor engagement in investment planning, as well as addressing common misconceptions and concerns about investment complexity and fees. Throughout the conversation, it becomes clear that there is a considerable opportunity for nonprofits to explore investment strategies and plan for sustainable growth, even if they currently lack substantial assets. The conversation highlights the importance of education, collaboration, and forward-thinking in the realm of nonprofit investing.