Recognizing stress within oneself and the team, and the importance of understanding warning signs to address burnout before it escalates within nonprofit organizations. Beth Napleton, CEO of Beth Napleton Consulting, emphasizes the need for leaders to be more observant and proactive in fostering a culture that supports well-being.

The conversation touches on the gender dynamics of discussing self-care. Beth notes that women may talk more openly about their stress and well-being, while men may be less vocal about it. However, the landscape is evolving, and more male leaders are becoming open about their mental health and self-care.

Beth introduces the idea of defining self-care within the organization and discusses its importance in promoting well-being. It involves understanding what activities rejuvenate each team member and finding cost-effective ways to support those activities. Budgeting for self-care need not be expensive, and simple gestures like giving time off or checking in with team members can make a significant difference.
Beth also talks about her self-care calendar available on her website for those interested in implementing a practical tool to track and prioritize self-care.